Smart bench 2

Why choose this smart bench?

Solar-powered Smart Bench, with its minimalistic design, smoothly blends into the streetscape and enhances the local distinctiveness. It represents a classic form of advertising pillar with a twist, which brings it to the 21st century. Modern appearance and elegant form. Similar footprint as a regular park bench with minimal public realm impact. Here are some reasons to choose this smart bench…



Advanced set of sensors

Packed with an advanced set of sensors Environmental (temperature, humidity, air pressure, ambient noise) and Gas (CO, NO2, O3, SO2, N2S)


It’s easy to maintain

Works 24/7

100% standalone system that works 24/7, under all weather conditions


Installation on a specific location is managed by the Oktagon Prima team

Free Wi-Fi

You can use free Wi-Fi if you are nearby the smart bench

Cable charging

Ability to charge your mobile phone via USB port

Wireless charger

If your device supports wireless charging, you can charge it with this smart bench

ECO bench

We take care of the environment with the help of this ecological solution for the reuse of solar energy


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You can follow the measurements from the smart bench with a mobile application



Air pressure