About Us

   In 2019, our company OKTAGON PRIMA LTD Skopje became the official partner of Strawberry energy – an internationally identified and well-known company, whose main goal is the development of urban equipment with solar power designed for smart and sustainable cities. The mission of Strawberry Energy is to improve the people`s experience in public spaces and to provide them with power and connectivity on the move. Strawberry energy`s smart benches are present in more than 50 cities and 23 countries around the world.

Smart benches offer the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) to people who visit public spaces on a daily basis, improving urban living, making cities smarter and life more comfortable. IoT is the logical evolution of the Internet and communications in a world where everyone creates and consumes content that is shared online. Communication is made in various directions and goes beyond the usual limits of the functioning of the devices and the physical world around us. Networked devices have the ability to take up, analyze, and transmit information so that other devices and/or people can use that information rationally. IoT is actually the Internet of connected devices, systems, and services, communicating machine to machine. IoT is no longer a utopian vision for the future, but a fundamental concept that changes and develops humanity. We live in a time of change, that changes the style and way of living and functioning. We live in a world of smart things, where the imagination of people has no limits, and technology is put in the function of optimization and greater efficiency of business processes, as well as improving the personal life of each individual in the society.

The idea of ​​the smartbench.mk team is to take an active part starting with an idea until the realization of all projects related to smart cities, based on the fundamental concept of IoT. Our mission is to promote the development of society by the implementation of an integrated concept of information and communication technologies. The concept of smart cities enables direct communication between the community and the city infrastructure, being aware of the activities in the city and the way the city develops. Using the intelligent application of new technologies, smart cities think of incorporating social and environmental capital in order to transform the life and work of the cities. The transition to smart cities is inevitable because smart cities will be better prepared to meet the modern challenges. This concept contributes to improving the quality, performance, and interactivity of urban services, reducing costs and rational use of limited resources. A smart city is one that owns smart and urban equipment, which has implemented information and communication technology in a way that positively affects the local community and enables regional competitiveness and citizen participation in the management of cities.

The concept of smart cities is not static and has no endpoint, to the contrary, it is dynamic, it is a process that offers a revolutionary vision for a strong economic, social, and cultural development. Using the innovative processes offered by our smart equipment, it is possible to improve the collective intelligence of city institutions through e-management.

A smart environment is a small world where different types of smart devices are constantly working to make life more comfortable for residents.

Our mission is a transition from a smart Skopje, to a smart country.